Next Instalment of Documentary…

This week during class we were given some time to work on the written part of our assignments. Our task is to write about the work of two documentary photographers, who inspire us in the genre of documentary we would like to undertake.

As I am keen on photographing the jewellery making process, I looked for photographers who captured just that, in a similar style that I would like to try for myself. First of all I found the York based Photographer, Olivia Brabbs. She has a wide and wonderful collection of work on her website from weddings to food photography to her amazing set of images for Charmian Ottaway, a York based jewellery designer as part of the ‘We Make, We Do’ photography series that I am particularly interested in.

Brabbs has created a delicate yet in depth view of how jewellery is designed. I would like to take on her style with some similar shots of my own, focussing on the jewellery and the tools involved in the making process.

I also found the work of Photographer John Canan, of Canan Photographic based in central Maryland. Despite not having photographed anything to do with jewellery making, I was intrigued by his set of photos for Bill van Gilder, a potter with over 45 years experience.

John Canan has works from all genres such as landscape and street photography but this set, among some of his other ‘at work’ style caught my eye. I like how he manages to focus on the bigger picture in his work, showing the surroundings making you feel like you’re standing there with Bill in his pottery studio!


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